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We are one of the longest running plastic surgery clinics of Miami Florida and we are proud to say that. We have the 1st and only Board Certified Anesthesiologist in Miami. Our main goal is to get the patient their desired treatment and at the same time make it a pleasant experience. Our facility is equipped with all the modern equipment required by the Board of Medicine and Beyond to ensure the patient’s safety.



At Professional Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as they can be throughout the entire process. From making sure they’re comfortable during the consult to ensuring patient safety, we make sure the patient gets what they need at an exceptional standard of quality.


We first started over 21 years ago with only 2 Employees! From there, we have expanded to having over 20 employees. They are ALL dedicated to ensuring the standard of quality is met. We have been located in Coral Gables, Miami since the start of our adventure. In our twenty years of experience we have perfected our practices to ensure that the patient is comfortable going into the procedure. Furthermore, our Doctors work hard to make sure you get the results that you want!

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